5 Dance Tips For New Dancers.

5 Dance Tips For New Dancers

By PasoFino’s founder (and engineer turned salsa champion), Jose Maldonado


  1. Embrace the Learning Process. We all started somewhere, there is no reason to be afraid, approach each class with a positive attitude, and shoot for progress not perfection.
  2. Mastering the basics is key to feeling confident in salsa/bachata dancing. Make eye contact, and pay close attention to footwork, timing, and posture. Practice these foundational elements regularly to create good, confident habits.
  3. Think confidently, act confidently. Don’t built mental monster, before stepping onto the dance floor, take a moment to visualize yourself dancing confidently and skillfully. Mental rehearsal can help boost your confidence and prepare you for success during class.
  4. Action cures fear. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try new moves or techniques. Discover your limits as it is essential for growth as a dancer. Welcome feedback from instructors and peers as valuable opportunities for improvement.
  5. Have Fun and Express Yourself. Salsa dancing is as much about enjoyment and self-expression as it is about technique. Let go of any self-doubt or inhibitions, and allow yourself to fully immerse in the music and movement. Dancing with a big smile and authenticity will naturally improve your confidence on the dance floor.

Our director, Jose Maldonado, has spend over 20 years as a Latin dance artist and school owner. With his unique insight into teaching dance, he created our PasoFino Latin Dance technique. “Confidence grow from repetition, not having to think so much is what makes dancing fun” Jose said.

“The biggest dance mistake that most beginner students make is not training with a syllabus consistently to built a solid foundation,” Jose said. “at the club it might look okay, but at a dance congress, you might feel too intimidated to dance and have a good time. The longer you train the more confident you feel about your dance and how to express yourself. No one is reinventing the wheel, you just got to know how it works.

Today, Jose’s legacy lives on in the thousands of people who trained at PasoFino Dance

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  • Very nice and friendly people. The instructors are patient and fun 😊. Love dancing and learning there.

    Courtney Chambers Avatar Courtney Chambers

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    John B. Avatar John B.

    Paso fino is like a dancing family, the facilities are clean, you meet people from different cultures and everyone understands each other dancing ,the instructors motivate you to continue... read more

    Hamilton Avatar Hamilton
  • In Pasofino they receive me like family, I feel part of the big family, I been learning bachata from Jesus every Thursday, and just in a couple clases , I... read more

    Mynor Rivera Avatar Mynor Rivera

    I am by no means the best dancer on the planet, but stepping into Pasofino on my first day a couple of weeks ago equipped me with the confidence to... read more

    Britt Douyon Avatar Britt Douyon

    I'm only a few classes deep and I can't say enough great things about this place! The atmosphere, all employees, even the people you take class with are all great.... read more

    Katrina Norris Avatar Katrina Norris
  • Even after going to 1-2 classes at Paso Fino, people already start to recognize you & it feels like everyone has your back, no matter what level you’re at! Jose... read more

    Lily Oppenheimer Avatar Lily Oppenheimer

    Signed up for a bootcamp last minute and had a great time learning some basics. Attended several classes the next week and found all the instructors and atmosphere to be... read more

    James Watson Avatar James Watson

    If you have been considering taking formal dance lessons, pick up a new hobby, or enhance your already established skills.. you have come to the right place and no need... read more

    Samantha Bieber Avatar Samantha Bieber

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