Congrats, today is the day and you decided to make your dance dream a reality. You arrive and noticed a bunch of people just like you, starting their journey.  Relax… we are here to help.


Everyone is busy, but you are determined to break away from the routine and learn something new. After a while, you will realize this is not just a dance class; it is your hang out, your therapy and your cardio workout.



As you continue learning, your friends will know you as the salsa king/Queen and next thing you know people are calling you on the phone asking to go out dancing. Eventually you realize you have a social life and find the best experience of your life!


Our signature PASOFino group classes deliver technical instruction with motivational coaching, spicy music, in a fun and energetic ambiance. Not only do dancers burn calories and get their hearts pumping, but using the PASOFino® Syllabus and structured levels, dancers also improve their dance skills while having a blast! Each 60-minute class will transform the way you look and feel.



Speed up your progress and let us be your own personal coach. We ensure that our family of students is treated to the nation’s best instructors, each seasoned and trained, always with a smile and personal attention to all levels of dancers. PASOFino will help condition your mind and body with a complete social experience. We get you results!


Come and experience an introductory Latin dance session for beginners on basic Salsa, Bachata & Cha Cha… ALL on us and cheer on our newest PASOFino rockstars!

Sign-up on the link below, no payment required. New clients only!


Your #1 Goal is to complete our ‘Six Pillars’ Salsa partnerwork challenge by the end of Level 2. Believe it or not, you will have mastered a repertoire of over 30 moves, which you will know by name, and can call up from memory while dancing socially. Then you will be ready for the fun of level 3, intermediate / advanced challenging patterns by world renowned instructors.


We breakdown your learning process by separating your solo dancing vs. couples, therefore offering footwork/styling and partnerwork classes. Each class follows our proven PASOFino® Syllabus of moves divided into 3 levels. Highly recommended to pair them up; the footwork/styling class focus on how you move to the music, while partnerwork classes focus on connection between partners while dancing. Each level has its challenges which you will master to move on to the next level.


Are you the competitive kind? Ever dream of being an instructor or competition dance team? You might just get picked to join PASOFino Competition Team and experience your own dancing with the stars!

Your First Dance Class

Register online, select and buy your classes, all you have to do is arrive 15 minutes before class starts to Check-in.
If you’re a newbie just dropping in, you will fill out the new student form, select your classes and your dance plan.

Don’t be a Diva like the commercial; be sure to eat a light snack before you dance. Drink lots of water! Hydration is the key to a healthy body. Drink water before, during, and after your dance. We have water available for sale, but of course you can bring your own. Waters are $1.

We suggest to wear a sporting t-shirt or tank on top and form-fitting pants or jeans on the bottom.

Bring your heels! Heels provide a forward connection with your partner, while helping your spins and balance. Guys, bring shoes, avoid rubber soles, sneakers or flip flops. Need some shoes? We got some in store.

Join our community

Join our colorful community of people dancing around the world.


Cannot recommend this place enough. The whole crew are very friendly and very good at teaching people how to dance. If you have wanted to learn how to dance salsa or bachata I highly recommend coming out. No experience necessary, I knew nothing only a few months ago and never would have guessed where I would be now.

Chris Worrell

A wonderful dance studio teaching all of the Latin dances, including salsa (my favorite), bachata, cha cha, etc. Jose is a phenomenal dancer and instructor and has been very patient with me and other students. He and Lucy taught me a lot about balance when I dance. I love the ladies styling classes with Lucy and Kristen – literally keeping us on our toes and making us look graceful and balanced when we dance. It looks easy but it takes a lot of repetition and practice to be a good dancer. Ashwin who teaches level 2 and men’s footwork has been very helpful to me and taught me the basics, and we all have a great time in the classes and parties even though we also work hard to improve. If you like to dance look no further and come join us!

Karen Weinstock

Great place to learn for beginners to advanced. The classes are fun and designed to help everyone to improve rapidly. The students are a very diverse and friendly group and everyone from any background or age will feel comfortable coming in and taking classes and learning a wide range of classes from Salsa on 1, Salsa on 2, Bachata, and Kizomba. They often go out dancing on the town so you get a great group to go social dancing with as well.

Kirk Hoefler

Pasofino is my home away from home. They have the best instructors in Atlanta who provide a comfortable environment for you to learn in. My classmates are super-friendly which makes learning so much fun. Not into group classes? Pasofino also offers private lessons to help you take your dancing to the next level.

Michelle Albert

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