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Latin dancing from beginners to advanced competitors – find the real joy of dance.

We are Salsa & Bachata specialist. We will show you the exact mindset and techniques used to produce high-level dancers, while having fun and meeting new people. With 6 Beginner Salsa lessons every week, you will feel confidence in no time.

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Our mission is to share our passion for Latin Dance and its joy to the people. Jose Maldonado, creator of the Six Pillars of Salsa, is the director of "PASOFino Dance Company". The first Salsa dance studio in Atlanta offering the most complete training in Salsa NY Style. The classes are structured with emphasis on the basics as you move up the levels. Strong fundamentals is key to fully express yourself with the music. The word PASOFino comes from the conquistador’s horses well known for their elegant gait, power, and perseverance which fits our company's style and personality as a whole.

Let's get results!
Personal Training

All levels, beginner to advanced. Appointments available for Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba.
Each session is 60-minutes. Price listed for one student or dance couple. To schedule a Lesson, please call (678) 895-6955

1 Hour Private Lesson

5 Hour Private Lesson

10 Hour Private Lesson

Private Party – Workshop – Show

Class Schedule

No Partner Required. Casual Dress Code.

Need Entertainment?

Our PASOFino Dancers are ready for you!
Text 678.895.6955 for booking

Buy Classes

Forget about the pressure of learning it all in one class. Learning a skill takes time. Please enjoy your journey and trust the process.
We value our Members, so if you want the best, get our Unlimited Membership for access to all classes, discounted privates, and Free entry to our weekly socials. BTW students, bring your college I.D. for special rate.



5-Class Card

  • any group class
  • sold per person
  • 60 days exp.



10-Class Card

  • any group class
  • sold per person
  • 60 days exp.



Monthly Membership

  • all group classes
  • 10% off private pkg
  • AutoPay (3mo min.)




Jose Maldonado has an outstanding reputation and is sought nationally as a foremost business authority and expert in the Latin dance community.


Google Reviews

John Woods
John Woods
06:42 24 Nov 17
Great place to learn to Salsa...Great Staff and Students...
Emilie Paiement
Emilie Paiement
17:44 16 Jan 17
I’ve been going to Pasofino for a few months now and I absolutely love it. The instructors are very good, patient, and friendly. They have classes for all levels from beginners to advance. The ambiance is also very good, everybody is very friendly. I made many friends over the last few months and it feels like my second family. I recommend this place to anybody who is looking for salsa or bachata classes. They have classes for all levels from beginners to advance.
04:00 08 May 16
I had my first private lesson with Jose and it was great, worth every cent! We had to go back to some of the basics to pick up some things I had missed, and he was very honest and patient. I am practicing what he taught me this week and am looking forward to scheduling my next lesson. The group classes and socials are some of the most fun you'll ever have! You can tell the people who frequent the studio love dancing salsa and really feel at home with the staff, as they are very personable, passionate, and dedicated to helping you to learn and to love salsa as much as they do.
Levial Arnold
Levial Arnold
19:59 24 Feb 16
I love taking classes here. They make it easy to register for classes in your skill level and they have a very logical progression that will take you from beginner to advanced. The instructors here are phenomenal and there are plenty of socials to keep you dancing and moving through the ranks. If you're serious about learning salsa then definitely go there and get moving. I recommend buying a 10 class voucher and then going to the footwork and partner work classes for a couple weeks. After that you'll know if it's for you and then you can get an unlimited membership. That's exactly what I did and I'm very happy with my purchase.
Dennis Jones
Dennis Jones
19:22 15 Aug 14
I have been a member of the PasoFino Family for over a year. The Pasofino Family creates a warm friendly environment with great instructors that have patience and understanding. They guide you through the challenges of learning Salsa and make it an enjoyable experience for those that have 2 left feet, like me, and for those that don’t. You will meet great people, develop new relationships, and make new friends. You will increase your social life tenfold; going on outings to different venues around Atlanta, and the rest of the country, great cruises.....and yes even overseas to places like the Dominican Republic. PasoFino is more than just a dance studio; it feels like home away from home
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  • @pasofinodance PFD's Timbalito at James Cobo event this past weekend in NC. Thank you for having us!

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  • @theunityofdancefestival
Unity2019 Welcomes 😍

PASOFino Dance Co. from Atlanta! They will be teaching and performing!

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  • PASOFino Dance Company class of 2019!

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  • ABF 2019!!!
Get your pass today!

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• Salsa & Bachata Rooms
• FREE Salsa Lesson at 9:30pm
• FREE parking & Non-smoking
• Doors open at 9:30pm – Closes at 2am
• Every 4th Saturday of the Month
• Int'l/Sexy mix of beautiful people
• Atlanta's Fav Latin DJ Jesus Portilla & Jose Maldonado
• 18 to party, 21 to drink (BYOB)

COVER: $10 (Free for PF Membership)
  • New Schedule update: Sensual Mondays with Intermediate Bachata at 7pm and Zouk at 8pm. Starting Tomorrow 😛

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  • Happy Monday!

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  • Level 3 salsa pattern demonstrated by Jose and Alejandra @josepasofino and @alejandra17m

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